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What Digital Piano Should I Buy?


This time of year we are often asked about digital piano/keyboard recommendations. There are several great options out there, and we prefer Yamaha Digital Pianos for their outstanding quality and longevity. Three portable or slimline models include the:

  • P45/P71 (similar if not identical keyboards; the P71 is an Amazon exclusive)

  • P125, and

  • P225.

Key features to look for:

  • Weighted or graded hammer action keys

  • A full-sized 88 key piano

  • The appropriate stand and bench for proper technique and ergonomics


  • Most retailers sell a “Home Bundle” or “Digital Piano Package” that includes a stand, bench, and a quality sustain pedal

  • You can also buy portable stands or furniture stands (L85 Stand / L-255 Stand) separately

  • Headphones are useful for a quiet practice environment

  • and regularly offer 24/36 month zero interest financing

  • If you’d like a larger digital piano, the Yamaha Arius and Clavinova series offer permanent and even baby grand piano cabinets

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