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Bow Hold Buddy

Do you or your child want to begin violin lessons, but feel a bit hesitant about the details involved? No need to worry, there is a fantastic tool that simplifies violin practice called the Bow Hold Buddy

The Bow Hold Buddy is made up of two parts: a structure that looks like a frog and slides onto the stick of the bow, and a small fish that rests on the end of the bow near the screw. It helps students feel more stabilized in their new bow hold. Because students spend less time tweaking the bow hold, they can focus on other aspects of the violin like note reading, rhythm, and tone production. As a result, students become comfortable playing the violin at a faster rate.

Bow Hold Buddy advertises with the slogan, "Finally, an Instant bow hold!" I wholeheartedly agree! Below are some photos of the Bow Hold Buddy.

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