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3 People, 1 Piano!

My grandmother recently turned 95 and my mom, sister and I decided to play a few musical numbers on the piano at her party. It's easy to find great duets, but it can be difficult to find fun pieces for three people at one piano. When brainstorming, two pieces came to mind: "out...standing," by Kevin Olson and "Triple Dip," by Robert Vandall.

In "Triple Dip" all three pianists have to squeeze on one bench, however, in "out...standing", the pianist in the middle gets to stand behind the piano bench and play in the bass, middle and treble octaves of the piano--hence the title. Both pieces incorporate the idea of imitation with parts copying each other. Above is a recording of "Triple Dip" at the birthday party. Below are some photos during our rehearsal. As you can see, we had a blast!

Ensemble rehearsal!
Ensemble rehearsal!

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