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Piano Movers

With our recent studio relocation to Holly Springs, we needed to find a piano mover we could trust. After searching online, we decided to consult our piano technician who recommended three companies.

After calling each one, Maus Piano & Organ stood out as the best fit for our needs and budget. We have worked with them in the past and felt confident entrusting them with an instrument weighing nearly 500 pounds! They happily accommodated our schedule, which ended up including a few different move dates.

We enjoyed a fantastic experience with Maus Piano! Besides being on time and courteous, the movers carefully transported the instrument on a dolly, ensured the piano was fully padded and protected to prevent scratches and dents, and secured it to the truck wall so it would not move throughout the drive.

Taking the piano out of the truck.
Almost finished!
The piano safely moved to our new studio!

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